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Our team of engineers and experts specialize in creating bespoke Cloud architectures, optimizing data management and reinforcing the essential fundamentals for a high-performance infrastructure. We are committed to being the architects of your digital success, offering sound advice on navigating the ever-changing technological landscape

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Audit, mapping, new architecture, migration path and automation of your infrastructures.

From developing your Cloud strategy to orchestrating your migration, from implementation to monitoring your Cloud infrastructures (including security and cost optimization). Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our experts determine the evolution of your infrastructure and applications, selecting services and technologies in line with your assumptions (Budget, Deadlines, Security, Adoption, etc.).

  • A complete transformation of your applications to adapt them to Private & Public Cloud architectures.
  • We address obsolescence and persistent legacy issues with Hybrid solutions.
  • Safety and financial optimization are an integral part of our methodology.

Given the importance of each project on users' daily lives, we draw up a change management program. This is designed to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to ensure successful adoption. This ensures rapid adoption and maximum productivity.

Complete inventory of your Information System (IS): This fundamental step enables us to gain an in-depth understanding of your current infrastructure, applications and data. It's the starting point for any transformation, ensuring that nothing is left to chance.

Identifying performance metrics : We analyze your system, network and storage performance to define the optimal target architecture. This phase is crucial to ensure that the proposed solution will meet your current and future needs in terms of performance and capacity.

Drawing up a migration plan : With a clear vision of your current state and the objectives to be achieved, we develop a tailor-made migration plan. This plan details every stage of the process, from initial preparations to the final switchover, including the tests and validations required for a smooth transition.

Project investment evaluation : We carry out a detailed analysis of the costs associated with foundation, migration, deployment and cloud consumption. This includes not only direct costs, but also potential savings and long-term benefits, giving you a complete overview of the investment required.

Definition of suitable solutions and services : Depending on your specific needs, we identify the most relevant solutions and services - whether Cloud, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), CaaS (Container as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), hybridization, serverless, containers, NoSQL, resource requirements, microservices, elasticity, infinite scalability, autoscaling, resilience, etc. - to meet your requirements. Our aim is to provide you with an agile, scalable and resilient infrastructure.

Elasticity : A cloud architecture offers exceptional adaptability, enabling automatic, real-time adjustment of IT resources in line with your business activity. This flexibility ensures that you always have the capacity you need to meet your requirements, at no extra cost.

Scalability : The scalability of Cloud solutions is virtually limitless. They are designed to cope with increasing workloads, enabling your applications to handle millions of users simultaneously without compromising response times. This scalability ensures that your business can grow without technical constraints.

Resilience: We make a point of strengthening your business continuity and recovery, even in the event of a crisis. Our cloud architectures are designed to minimize downtime and accelerate recovery, ensuring constant availability of your services.

Automation : Automation is at the heart of our strategy to accelerate the deployment and rebuild of your applications. This approach reduces time-to-production and operational costs, while increasing the reliability of your systems.

Industrialization : We apply standardized, automated operating procedures to transform production start-up into a smooth, predictable process. This industrialization of operations reduces risk and optimizes efficiency, making production start-up a routine event rather than a source of stress.

By integrating these principles into our cloud services offering, we are committed to delivering robust, scalable and efficient solutions, designed to support your company's growth and innovation in an ever-changing digital environment.

We ensure that Private & Public Cloud architecture and migration patterns match your ambitions, while industrial methods, tools and automation ensure risk management.

Lift & Shift : This is the most direct and rapid approach to cloud migration. Essentially, it involves transferring virtual machines from traditional datacenters directly to the cloud. In this process, we intervene specifically to modernize certain aspects, such as operating system version or server type, on a case-by-case basis. The main advantage of this approach is its simplicity, as it does not require major modifications to the application itself, making the process less costly in terms of effort.

Replatforming : The aim of replatforming is to migrate an application from its original platform to the cloud, guaranteeing its continued availability while retaining its essential functionality. This step includes a prior technological modernization, enabling the transition from an often limiting vertical scalability model (such as traditional application servers or relational database management systems) to a horizontal scalability model. This involves the adoption of Datastores-as-a-Service, the use of lightweight servers equipped with open source software, and the integration of cloud-hosted services, offering greater flexibility and scalability.

Cloudification : Cloudification takes full advantage of the benefits offered by the cloud. This process radically transforms an application to adapt it to native cloud architectures. The application is completely redesigned to integrate features such as auto-scaling, load balancing and self-healing, making it perfectly suited to the cloud environment. Even an application initially designed for a traditional datacenter can thus become "cloud ready", benefiting from optimum efficiency, resilience and scalability.

Our approach is to provide a tailor-made cloud migration strategy, adapted to the specific needs of each customer, leveraging the most appropriate methods to ensure a smooth, secure and efficient transition to the cloud.

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