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At Anakot, we take Managed Services to the next level, ensuring efficient management of your Cloud and On-premise infrastructures. Our promise is to simplify your transition to outsourced services, by implementing comprehensive tooling and processes that guarantee resilience and operational excellence. As your production drivers, we are committed to maintaining the continuity of your services.

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A single service provider as the result of the integration of a set of complementary services, on a fixed-price basis with a commitment to results. Support for our managed services tailored to the specific needs of your information system (IS). A team of shared or dedicated engineers and customized tools to meet your day-to-day challenges.

ANAKOT's Managed Services offer is an integrated solution for outsourcing the management and operation of information systems (IS), guaranteeing a customized service based on best practices.

  • Outsourcing your information system management
  • Commitments, Monitoring and Continuity (SLAs)
  • Consulting, development and service center projects

Anakot offers a personalized service portal, providing a single point of entry for incident, request and change management, as well as personalized SLA monitoring, with an approach that complies with ITIL processes and policies. This offer aims to simplify IS management for companies, by providing a comprehensive service tailored to their specific needs.

24/7/365 service center for total, customized availability: Our service center is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, guaranteeing continuous support for our customers. This scalable availability ensures maximum responsiveness to any incident or need, contributing to the stability and performance of your IT systems.

One-stop shop for all IT requests: Anakot offers a single point of contact for all IT requests, simplifying service management for our customers. This one-stop shop facilitates communication, speeds up request processing and improves the overall user experience.

Structured IT governance for better decision-making We implement structured IT governance, enabling informed decision-making in line with our customers' strategic objectives. This approach guarantees coherent and efficient management of IT resources, while supporting the evolution and growth of the company.

Continuous monitoring and reporting for total transparency Our commitment to transparency is demonstrated through continuous monitoring and reporting, giving our customers complete visibility of the performance and status of their IT services. This enables improved governance and risk management, essential for long-term success.

Adaptability and scalability to anticipate future needs: Anakot's service center is designed to be both adaptable and scalable, capable of meeting the changing needs of our customers. This flexibility ensures that our services evolve in line with your information system objectives.

Clear, measurable commitments : Anakot is committed to providing high-quality services, with clear, measurable objectives. Our SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are designed to guarantee performance, availability and responsiveness, ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence.

Proactive, personalized follow-up: We offer proactive monitoring of our services, with regular reporting and performance analysis. Our personalized approach enables us to adapt quickly to our customers' changing needs, guaranteeing efficient management and ongoing optimization of their IT infrastructures.

Guaranteed service continuity : Service continuity is at the heart of our offering. We implement robust disaster recovery and data backup solutions to ensure business continuity, even in the most critical situations.

Continuous improvement based on feedback: We value customer feedback and integrate it into our continuous improvement process. This enables us to fine-tune our services and adjust our commitments to better meet our customers' expectations and requirements.

Long-term partnership for mutual growth : Anakot considers every customer a strategic partner. We are committed to supporting our customers' growth and development over the long term, ensuring impeccable service quality and constant adaptation to market developments.

Integration of advanced ITSM tools : we integrate comprehensive ITSM tools to automate and optimize the management of your IT services. This tooling enables rapid incident response, efficient problem management and continuous improvement of IT services, guaranteeing the performance of our customers' IT systems.

ITIL processes aligned with best practices Our services are structured around rigorous ITIL processes, ensuring that IT service management is consistent with your needs. From incident management to change management to problem management, our processes are designed to minimize risk and maximize operational efficiency.

Configuration management and CMDB Configuration management and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) are at the heart of our Managed Services offering. We provide a 360-degree view of our customers' IT infrastructure, enabling precise IT asset management, effective change planning and rapid incident resolution.

Continuous improvement through data analysis : By exploiting the data collected via our tools, we implement continuous improvement strategies. This enables us to identify trends, anticipate potential problems and optimize processes for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Strategic and trust-based partnership : Anakot doesn't just provide managed services; we act as a partner, providing end-to-end support. Thanks to our expertise in IT production management, whether on-premise or in the public cloud, we help our customers to develop high-performance infrastructures and control their information systems.



Cloud cost optimization
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Identify and reduce unused or oversized resources to maximize the efficiency of cloud investments.

#CostOptimization #CloudManagement #Efficiency
Automated backups
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Implementation of automated routines for regular backups, guaranteeing data security and availability in the event of failure.

#DataBackup #Automation #CloudSecurity
Proactive performance monitoring
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Use advanced tools to monitor system performance in real time and anticipate problems before they occur.

#ProactiveMonitoring #Performance #CloudServices
Security patch management
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Regular application of security updates to protect infrastructures against external vulnerabilities and attacks.

#SecurityPatching #CyberDefense #ManagedServices
Disaster recovery plan
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Designing and implementing strategies for fast, efficient recovery from major incidents.

#DisasterRecovery #BusinessContinuity #CloudComputing
Configuration management
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Standardize and automate configuration management to reduce human error and ensure consistent environments.

#Configuration #Automation #CloudGovernance
Compliance and regular audits
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Assistance in complying with regulatory standards, with regular audits to identify and correct non-conformities.

#Compliance #RegulatoryAudit #CloudSecurity
Optimizing network connectivity
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Improved network configuration to ensure optimal, secure connectivity between cloud services and users.

#NetworkOptimization #CloudNetworking #ManagedIT
Specialized technical support
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24/7 expert technical support, enabling rapid problem resolution to minimize downtime.

#TechnicalSupport #24/7Helpdesk #CloudExperts
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