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Cloud Leaders, Architects of your Success

Founded in 2019, Anakot has rapidly established itself as a key strategic partner serving IT departments, specializing in Public Cloud and change management. We are proud of our international reach, with a strong presence in France, Morocco and, more recently, the United Arab Emirates. We have built up teams of experts for each of our offerings, combining specialization and complementarity in their approach. Our investment in the management and training of our staff reflects our commitment to providing personalized, high-quality services.

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Dare to innovate!
Anakot, expertise and excellence

Our founding partners and management team have been instrumental in fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within our company.

Our passion for digital transformation positions us as pioneers in deploying Cloud infrastructures, modernizing applications and harmonizing CRM solutions at the heart of corporate strategies.

For several years now, we have been witnessing an upheaval in business practices. Work methodologies, on-demand services and customer relationship management have become central issues for accelerating and optimizing business.

By embodying this vision of transformation and excellence, Anakot presents itself as the essential engine for companies seeking innovation, making its distinctive mark on the digital transformation market.

Anakot: Innovate with empathy, excel with technology!

Thanks to its in-depth expertise and nuanced understanding of the latest technological trends, Anakot helps every company define a clear IT vision tailored to its specific objectives.

By placing people at the heart of transformation, Anakot facilitates the adoption of technology and strengthens its customers' capacity for innovation, preparing them to succeed in an ever-changing digital environment.

A young, dynamic company with the strength of a multinational and the agility of a start-up, looking to the future for a technological and human adventure. This sense of service is nurtured by ongoing dialogue with our customers, and is revealed through the completion of projects.

Without people, technology is nothing!
Anakot à l'Échelle International

In a world where technology transcends borders, Anakot is establishing itself as a global player in digital transformation, extending its footprint far beyond its roots.

Our personalized approach and ability to unearth talent wherever it's found enable us to respond with agility and precision to the specific needs of each customer, regardless of their location. By cultivating strategic partnerships and continually adapting to local dynamics, Anakot demonstrates its commitment to being a partner of choice for businesses.

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